[Announcements] New event: Midsummer Laurels’ Sponsored Prize Display (Drachenwald, June 19, 2021)

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New calendar event: Midsummer Laurels’ Sponsored Prize Display
(Drachenwald, June 19, 2021)
. You can find the most recent information at

Event summary:
Welcome to the Laurels’ Sponsored Prize Display, to be held via Zoom on
Saturday, 19 June, 2021, starting at 18:00 CET. Garb is not mandatory, but
is encouraged. Links to the zoom meeting will be emailed to people who
register for the event (registration forms, one for artisans and one for
visitors, are available on the event web page, link below) The Display will
be done in Zoom. Depending on the number of artisans and visitors, we will
either run it as a single track, with each artisan presenting in turn to
everyone else at once, or we will divide the group into breakout rooms with
a few artisans in each and rotate the visitors between the artisans. In the
latter case, each artisan will present their work more than once to
different groups of visitors, and every visitor will have a chance to see
each artisan’s presentation. The time allowed per artisan for each set of
presentations and Q&A will be finalised closer to the time, as it depends
on the number of artisans presenting, but should be around 15 minutes. Once
the visitors have had a chance to hear each of the presentations, people
will be free to gather in a breakout room of their choice for even more
in-depth discussion with any of the artisans, and the zoom room will remain
open into the evening, after the program is complete, for socialising and
bardic. More info will follow to confirm the finer details, and in the
meantime any questions you might have can be sent to Masteri Kareina at
kareina.sca (at) gmail.com. If you will be joining, either as an artisan or
a visitor, please sign up by completing the registration form above no
later than Sunday 13 June, to give us time to arrange the rooms and
finalise the presentation sequence plans. We hope to see you there and
we’re looking forward to speaking with the wonderful artisans of the
Kingdom! – the Laurels of Drachenwald

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