[Announcements] New event: Collegium Armorum (Insulae Draconis, July 24, 2021)

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New calendar event: Collegium Armorum (Insulae Draconis, July 24, 2021)
. You can find the most recent information at

Event summary:
As the land wakes up from the ravages of the plague and summer returns to
the kingdom it is time to prepare for tournament and battle! All over the
land warriors are opening their armour chests and cries of “what is that
smell”, “is the mould poisonous” and “where did all that rust come from”
are heard from keeps and manors. To help all warriors prepare for the
coming year, The Company of the Dawn are pleased to host our first armour
college. This is an online event dedicated to the theory and practice of
armour for armoured combat. All welcome as there will be a range of classes
available for all skill levels. Yours in Service Alexander of Derlington
Acting Primus, Company of the Dawn

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