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This is the weekly summary for 'This is Drachenwald'
Waspish Words (Anneleyn Cornelisse's Youtube Channel)

Read more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOJ2fm9weMs
The novice guide to time-travelling (Handcrafted History)

Hi there! Are you new around here? Welcome! This is a short, and hopeful,
encouraging guide to get you started with historical sewing and
adventuring. There are many paths down this hobby, depending on your
interests and where you live. … Continue

July Dragon’s Tale has been published (Drachenwald Blog)

Greetings good people of Drachenwald! The Chronicler has published a new
Dragon’s Tale for your enjoyment. This links directly to the current
newsletter (.pdf), and does not need a password. If this doesn’t work you
can follow this link to the

Ermine 5 (Stringcrafter)

Looking back two years to a project in which I experimented with the
thinnest thread I’d tried yet… A friend asked if I could make a delicate
band of ermine spots in silk for a 16th century style bonnet/flat cap. They
wanted as fine a weave as

Read more at https://stringcrafter.com/2021/06/13/ermine-5-back-to-parallel/
My striped saya encordata is finished (Eva's historical costuming blog)

 As you might remember from my January post, this year I took up a project
that I really should have both started or finished circa 20 years ago: A
13th century noble Castilian outfit based on both the preserved garments in
Museo de Burgos, and on


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