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Update on calendar event: Feuerberg Fair (Meadowmarsh, August 13, 2021).
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Event summary:
2021: Corona has all of Germany firmly in its grip! Whole Germany? NO! A
small canton of the glorious Barony of Knight's Crossing, full of
indomitable SCA fighters, offers bitter resistance. They holed up in the
castle of their friends from Feuerberg to defy the plague there. In order
to strengthen the garrison there, comrades-in-arms from near and far are
invited to meet there on the evening of August 13th from 5:00 p.m. and stay
with us until noon on the 15th. Since we are in a kind of siege, we
unfortunately cannot offer a meal. Everyone should please take care of
themselves. However, drinks can be purchased for little money if required.
Since the enemy (Corona) cannot be deterred by castle walls and small
attack troops sometimes even allow themselves unrecognized to be carried by
unaware victims into the castle, caution must also apply on the site as
usual. (Hygiene rules). However, we want to meet this opponent with
determination with a good mood, good company and joy. Event starts: August
13th, 5:00 p.m. Event ends: August 15, 12:00 p.m. Overnight stay: The event
is a camping event. Both medieval and modern tents can be used. (probably
spatially separated). Since there is relatively little space in the castle,
the space required for the tent with and without anchoring must be
specified when registering. It could also happen that we have to allocate
tent spaces for the same reason. Please understand. Crashspace. The castle
building has a room in the attic for a MAXIMUM of 8 beds Toilets are
available, but no showers. We may get access to the showers at a nearby
sports facility. However, it is not certain. Animals are allowed provided
they are well behaved. Activities: 13th Friday: arrival / setup Saturday
14th: archery, heavy fighting, rapier fencing, and more (Start of
activities: approx. 11:00 am. End of activities and lazy part: approx. 6:00
pm) 15th Sunday: dismantling / departure Catering: Food: self-sufficiency
Drinks: self-catering / tavern (the site is discretely wet) The castle
building has a small kitchen and a cellar with cooling facilities. Prices:
Adults: Fri - Sun or Sat - Sun: 17, - Euro Reduction for SCA members: 2, -
Euro Day trip: € 12. Reduction for SCA members: € 2 Kids (10-18 years): Fri
- Sun or Sat - Sun: 7, - Euro reduction SCA members: 2, - Euro Day trip: 5,
- Euro reduction SCA members: 2, - Euro Children under 10 years: free of
charge Family cap on request Payment: at the gate PLEASE match the amount
if at all possible for quick and easy handling. Due to the limited space
and the corona risk, we have decided to limit the number of participants to
50 people. Therefore a reservation is essential. Visitors who stop by for a
few hours only pay nothing. Donations are gladly accepted. Corona
regulations: The usual distance and hygiene rules apply. If there are
special regulations at the castle, these must be followed. We won't ask for
it, but we would appreciate it if you would bring proof of vaccination, an
official test within the valid time frame, or would be willing to test
yourself on site. That would increase everyone's safety and would also give
us organizers a good feeling. Vehicles: May drive to the castle for loading
and unloading, but must leave immediately afterwards. Parking is available
at the foot of the hill (approx. 300m walk) in a parking lot or along the
Obergasse. The manager responsible for the castle is our good friend Jörg
von Grünewald (Olaf Möhle). He has the absolute last word in all matters
relating to the castle. Site: Staufenberg castle ruins (Access: after
"Obergasse 22" turn left uphill ) 35460 Staufenberg Event steward: Aelric
of Battle Sascha Bohlender aelric_of_battle at yahoo.de Sitesteward / manager
of the castle Jörg von Grünewald Olaf Möhle

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