[Announcements] New event: Frostheims Medeltidsdagar (Frostheim, July 29, 2021)

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New calendar event: Frostheims Medeltidsdagar (Frostheim, July 29, 2021)
. You can find the most recent information at

Event summary:
The Shire of Frostheim will be hosting a Medieval Days event to educate the
public about the Middle Ages. This year the scale is smaller than in years
past to keep pandemic risks low, and our visitors will not be permitted to
try things like archery or other activities that would require close
contact with our members (most of whom had had at least one, if not both
vaccines by the date of the event) in hopes of keeping risk plague
transmission to a minimum. The event will be open to the public on Friday
and Saturday between 12:00 and 16:00, during which our members will be
demonstrating various crafts, martial activities, and entertainments. The
remainder of the event will be a typical closed SCA event for our own
entertainment. Breakfast and Lunch on Friday and Saturday are provided to
our members who are working with the demonstrations. We are planning a
potluck feast for one of the evenings, but the rest of the meals you will
need to bring yourself. There is no charge for attending the event, other
than to register as an "arbetare" (upper right hand corner of the event web
page) letting us know if you will be doing crafts, fighting, archery,

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