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This is the weekly summary for 'This is Drachenwald'
Q&A Session 1 tonight (Drachenwald Arts Challenge)

All currently registered challengers have gotten an email with direct link
to the live Q&A tonight, and the information is now published on the
website so anyone interested can show up to the first Q&A session. We start
at 7pm CEST (that’s 1 pm in

Fantastic turn-out for the Q&A today (Drachenwald Arts Challenge)

Our thanks to everyone who came to the first Q&A session. We all got to
hear what you were wanting to make, and some questionmarks got straightened
out. We also had a whole pile of people not yet registered show up and ask
some questions and we got

Kopfbedeckungen (Anna Syveken)

Ich mag Kopfbedeckungen. Ich mag Hüte, Mützen, Kappen, Turbane und
Schleier. Ausgerechnet in dem Bereich, auf den ich mich fokussiere, 5.
Jahrhundert Norditalien/Süddeutschland/Adria, ist es aber ziemlich
schwierig, überhaupt was zum Thema zu

Read more at https://nautahistoriae.com/2021/06/30/kopfbedeckungen/
A missive from Their Majesties regarding criteria for participation in the
upcoming Drachenwald Crown list in October 2021 (Drachenwald Blog)

TL/DR: Criteria for participation in the upcoming Drachenwald Crown list in
October 2021. The usual requirements according to kingdom law will apply,
with the following adaptations to be included in letters of intent:
Adaption 1, regarding

Anxious reenactor girl (The lazy reenactor girl)

To celebrate the day when my Facebook page reached 500 likes I wanted to
share something special. And I got lots of great input and good ideas for a
special post, for a special day. And I will most likely use all of those
ideas. But not today. Today

The Ultimate Cloak Guide (Handcrafted History)

This post is a collab with Korps and contains advertisement for fabrics
Want to own a really nice cloak? Who doesn’t? (yeah, it was a leading
question) Here is my guide to the perfect cloak; we are going to look …
Continue reading →

Scandinavian folklore - The Invisible people (Älvor, vättar, vittra and
huldrefolk) (Agnes Edgren's Youtube Channel)

Read more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNBkF20xzfg
Everyday Italian: Ice, Ice Bambino (An Everyday Italian)

It's finally Summer, here in the part of Florence that's
so-far-North-it's-actually-England, and that means lounging around in our
chemises with our feet in a pool, eating ice cream and sno-cones, and
enjoying iced drinks in the shade.Yes, you read

The viking world: pictures from the exhibition (The lazy reenactor girl)

The day before yesterday was the big opening of the new Viking exhibition
at the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm. Apparently it’s the world’s
largest Viking exhibition and covers 1 000 square meters and shows 2,500
original objects. There’s

Mirrored Spirals (Stringcrafter)

Spirals can be found everywhere, in a vast array of sizes. For example they
occur naturally in anything from shells to spiral arm galaxies. They are
also found in manmade items like pottery, sculpture, and wire jewellery.
The arms in a spiral can be

Read more at https://stringcrafter.com/2021/06/25/mirrored-spirals/
Progress update – fabric options (Drachenwald Arts Challenge)

We have an update from one of the challengers: I’m doing the challenge on
making heraldic textiles for the camp! I’m planning on making a banner in
wool, and with purple bells and black ermine on a white background, these
fabrics will come in


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