[Announcements] Event update: Norrskensfesten (Frostheim, November 19, 2021)

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Update on calendar event: Norrskensfesten (Frostheim, November 19, 2021).
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Event summary:
Welcome one and all to the Shire of Frostheim for our annual
Norrskensfesten, with the renowned Norrskensbard Competition. The site will
(likely) be Alviks Bygdgård, 975 93 Luleå, Luleå Sweden. As is traditional
the Bardic competition will run during the day Saturday, with servings of
the feast alternating with rounds of the competition: 1) Period piece
(perform a song, story, poem, etc. that was actually composed during the
SCA period) 2) Piece in a period style (perform a song, story, poem, etc.
that you have composed yourself, in a style that was used during the SCA
period) 3) Bard’s choice (perform a song, story, poem, etc. that you have
composed on the theme chosen by the current Norrskensbard for this year’s
performance. This year’s theme will be announced soon.) 4) Three words out
of a hat (perform a song, story, poem, etc. that you have composed on-site,
in 15 minutes, using three words you pull out of a hat just before you
begin) Registration for the event will open on 15 September, and more
information will be forthcoming between now and then. Contact Kareina at
kareina.sca at gmail.com if you have any questions.

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