[Announcements] Event update: Norrskensfesten (Frostheim, November 6, 2020)

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Update on calendar event: Norrskensfesten (Frostheim, November 6, 2020).
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Event summary:
Norrskensfesten will take place as a much smaller event than usual: max 40
people. However, there will also be a virtual component with bardic
workshops and performances to take place over Zoom so that everyone can
participate despite the pandemic. Note: It is necessary to register for the
virtual event in order to obtain the link to attend. This year’s Bardic
Performance rounds will match the normal Norrskensbard format. However,
this will be considered a practice set, and the current Norrskensbard will
retain the cloak for another year, in hopes that he will actually get to
attend events as bard before stepping down. Even though it is not a formal
competition, it will still follow the same pattern of four rounds as in a
normal year: 1) Period piece (perform a song, story, poem, etc. that was
actually composed during the SCA period) 2) Piece in a period style
(perform a song, story, poem, etc. that you have composed yourself, in a
style that was used during the SCA period) 3) Bard’s choice (perform a
song, story, poem, etc. that you have composed on the theme chosen by the
outgoing Norrskensbard for this year’s competition. This year’s theme is:
Mockery and Satire*) 4) Three words out of a hat (perform a song, story,
poem, etc. that you have composed on-site, in 15 minutes, using three words
you pull out of a hat just before you begin) * Mockery and Satire: It was
common for bards and poets to make light of serious topics, poke fun at
positions of power, and chastise personality flaws. To do this with finesse
and without risk required skill with words as well as subject to not cause
unwanted reactions. Any work submitted to the competition featuring a
living person must have that person's approval and consent regarding the
content of the work and its submission to the contest. Please see the event
web page for the schedule.

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