[Announcements] New event: Posament Class for beginners (Aros, July 26, 2020)

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New calendar event: Posament Class for beginners (Aros, July 26, 2020)
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Event summary:
POSAMENT! BLING YOUR VIKING GARB! Learn how to do viking posaments, the
metal wire knots that is found at excavations from graves at Björkö, Birka.
This type of posaments is normally done in spunn pewter wire with a bit of
silver in it, so called Tenntrad, but for this class you don't need real
tenntrad, you will be fine with some good polyester rope/string, preferable
around 3 mm thick. The class will begin with a short description of what
posaments are and what the theories are around them, and then I will show
you how to make the knots. We will make the double strand posament, P12, so
you can learn two different type of knots. What you need: * Either tenntrad
0,3 mm thick or polyester rope 3 mm thick. * Patience of a five year old *
A big cup of coffee/tea, possible a large glass of wine or vodka * Humor
This is a test, we'll see if this is possible to do. Hopefully at least we
will have fun. ;)

The link for this online meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82226874088

The password: Albion

Instructions for obtaining the password: Drachenwald mailing list

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